Gift Cards

A Junction 32 Gift Card is the perfect token.

When time is pressing ahead of someone’s birthday or a special occasion show what that person means to you with a Junction 32 Gift Card.

You can load a Junction 32 Gift Card with a minimum of £5 and it can then be used in any of our participating stores. Cards can be bought at ProCook.

Our Gift Cards will retain a balance so there is no need to spend the allotted amount in one visit. They can also be used in different stores. To keep a track of your card balance visit Get My Balance or call:

Balance Enquiry Line – Tel: 0121 260 2849
Gift Card Support – Tel: 0121 268 3210

You have 12 months from the time of purchase to use the Gift Card.

*up to a maximum of £500, though special cases and corporate enquiries can be authorised by prior arrangement.

For further details
Telephone: 01977 520 153